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Double-Stranded Knitting for Colour and Texture

Double-stranded knitting. It is literally knitting two strands of yarn together at the same time, and it is the easiest way to elevate your entire experience of knitting.

For today’s Taking Back Friday video, I want to share with you the things that I’ve learned about colour and texture through double-stranded knitting, and I also want to share with you my five most favourite double-stranded knitted fabrics right now.

We’d love for you to join us for our February Hold-Along! Share what you are making over at our SweetGeorgia Discord server or at the School of SweetGeorgia Community Forums. I would love to to see what you are mixing together. As well, to hopefully make things a little bit easier, we have a Lace Yarn Sale going on until the end of February. Use the code TOGETHER23 to save 20% off our SweetGeorgia laceweight yarns.

Please let me know in the comments below if you double-strand knit, what’s your favourite combination of yarns? Or if you have a favourite gauge or pattern for your double-stranded projects. I’d love to hear to hear from you!

Double-Stranded Colour Mixing Guide

Download the Colour Mixing Guide

Explore nearly 50 double-stranded colour combinations to choose the ones you love best using our colour mixing guide!


  • what I’m wearing in today’s vlog: I’m wearing the Navelli design by Caitlin Hunter, which I co-knit with Greta (see more here). It was knit in using our new colourways Tough Love Sock Black Raspberry and Amber Ale.
  • what I’m talking about in today’s vlog: Here are quick links to the items mentioned in the video…
    • My Five by Five cowl design knit with SweetGeorgia CashLuxe Fine along with Silk Mist yarn.
    • My Twig shawl pattern knit with one skein SweetGeorgia Silk Mist in Oxblood.
    • Lace yarns mentioned in the vlog are: Merino Silk Lace, CashSilk Lace, SeaSilk Lace, and our Silk Mist yarn.
    • The machine knit hat was made on the Sentro 48-needle machine (see more on knitting with the Sentro here), using Superwash Worsted in Mink and a yarn from Japan that is similar to our Silk Mist. The Superwash Worsted Mink was leftover from knitting the Veronika Cardigan. The second hat made on the Sentro is in Mohair Silk DK in Arbutus.
    • Find the fabulous pompoms, including the tie on version shown, at Yarnboler.
    • View all of our SweetGeorgia Colour System colourways, and I share more about the Colour System in this vlog.
    • All of the 45 double-stranded knit swatches shown using two strands of Tough Love Sock yarn were so very kindly made by wonderful SOS member, Pearl Wang!
    • Some of my favourite colour combinations mentioned: Boreal Forst + Amber Ale, Honey Gold + Amber Ale, Stormy Night + Amber Ale and Amber Ale + Twilight. Stay tuned for a PDF guide with information on all of the colour combinations. This would also be included with a future course we are building for the School of SweetGeorgia.
    • I am knitting the No Frills Cardigan by PetiteKnitter using our BFL+Silk Fine + Silk Mist yarns.
    • Find all of the details about our February Hold-Along at Tabetha’s blog post. She also explains more about using our new SweetGeorgia Discord server at this post with pattern ideas listed at the same post. Until February 6th, you can download Tabetha’s Nilas cowl knit pattern or Charlotte’s Whispered Winds pattern at this post.
    • Our gradient sock blank yarn colourways.

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